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    or visit us at 88 High Street, Renwick 7204

  • About Us

  • From left to right is Chris Murphy, Matt O'Donnell and Adrian Main.

  • Background of Owner, Chris Murphy

    I started my working career at a paint shop not long after I left school end of 2004.

    After finding the painting easy and enjoyable I started an apprenticeship and had it signed off in just over two years.

    With that accomplished, I found myself wanting and needing to use my mind on more challenging projects.

    In 2008 I was offered a job at a panel shop as a painter.
    I accepted the offer on the condition that I could do an apprenticeship in panel beating.

    This is where I learned the skills in fabrication and custom panel work.

    Along the way, I've done various courses along the way including one in Melbourne using DNA Custom Paint Products.

    I’m always looking at ways to improve myself and what I can do for you, as the customer.

    In addition, I have a passion for firearms, in particular precision shooting.
    This is when I take an average rifle (a diamond in the rough) and turn it into a precision shooting tool.

  • The Team

    Currently, I have two guys on board...

    Matt O'Donell is an experienced collision repair panel beater that is learning the fabrication and custom side of the trade. He has been panel beating for 13 years, completing his apprenticeship in Blenheim before moving to Christchurch, then back to Blenheim to set up life for his family.

    Adrian Main is an experienced painter that is learning how to do the panel and fabrication work. He has been spray painting for 9 years completing his apprenticeship in Blenheim after a few years in the engineering trade.​

  • So this is in short who we are.
    But the absolutely best way to get to know us is by putting our skills to test.

    Looking forward to providing you with a great service and superb quality work.